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Tire assembly instructions:

1. The tires must be assembled on the specified models and rims. Special tools and instruments should be used to install and disassemble the tires. Hard and hard smashing is strictly prohibited.

2, the same axle, should be equipped with the same brand, specifications, structure, pattern and level of tires

3, bias tires and radial tires can not be mixed.

4. When assembling the directional tire, the direction of rotation of the tire should be consistent with the direction of travel of the vehicle.

5. When the construction machinery tires are assembled, the range of the outer diameter difference of the twin tires should meet the following requirements.
When the construction machinery tires are assembled with two tires, the outer diameter of the two tires is allowed to differ:

6, disassembly and assembly of tubeless tires
(1) Before loading the tire, check the rim for deformation and cracks. If there is any problem, repair or replace the rim. The tires should be removed from the rim surface and the rust and other debris of the bead lower seat and the O-ring groove.
(2) Where a tire with an O-ring rim is removed, a lock ring is required.