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Tire types

Tires are one of the most important parts for construction machinery, just like the feet.In mine transportation cost, the cost of tire consumption accounts for a large proportion for 20% to 30% of the cost of production and transportation. The fixed cost of tires increases with the truck tonnage. The price of mining machinery tires is also higher, which accounts for 7% to 10% of the cost of the entire vehicle. Therefore, the correct use of tires can not only extend the life of the tires, but also have important significance for ensuring the safe driving and reducing transportation costs.

Large truck tires: Currently available in China:
53/80R63 (for KOMATSU930E, etc.)
4000R57 (for KOMATSU830E, etc.)
3700R57 (for KOMATSU730E, CAT789, etc.) (previously known as the first child in China)
3600R51 (for 630E, etc.)
3300R51 (for 128-ton trucks)
3000R51 (for 108 tonnage trucks)
27OOR49 (for 77-ton trucks)
2400R35 (for 65 tonnage trucks)
2100R35 (for 30-ton trucks)

Construction machinery and equipment tires: Currently available in China:
45/65R45 (for CAT992KOMATSUWA800)
35/65R35 (for CAT834KOMATSUWA600)

Giant tire composition and performance, role, classification
Tire composition and performance:
The tire has four main parts: ply, bead, cushion layer and tread. The performance of the tire basically depends on these four parts.
The role of the tire:
(1) To withstand the quality of the construction machinery itself and the load, to maintain its performance
(2) Buffering the shock and vibration received by the vehicle to maintain the stability and smoothness of the vehicle.
(3) Ensure that the entire tire is reliably in contact with the ground to improve the traction, passability and braking of the vehicle.