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Wheel strength and modal analysis

When the vehicle is running, vibration problems caused by uneven road surface and components such as the engine, the drive train and the wheels stimulate the vibration of the car and affect the smoothness of the car. Normally, the vibration of a car increases a lot when it is traveling on uneven roads. The vibration caused by uneven road surface is the basic input of the vibration of the car, and its frequency range is about 0.5-25Hz.

Although the passing time of the car is very short, it will have a large impact on the car, which will immediately make the rider feel uncomfortable, affecting the comfort level of the ride, and seriously damage the health of the rider or damage the transported goods. Solving the vibration problem under the excitation of random uneven road surface is an important basis for improving the ride comfort, safety and reliability of the parts.

Generally, the damage of the forklift steel ring is caused by external force, such as: wear, breakage, dent, distortion, notch, corrosion, deformation, and the like. The forklift steel ring produced by our company solves the problems of repairing various types of aluminum alloy forklift steel ring damage by applying aluminum alloy professional technology and tools without destroying the molecular structure and mechanical properties of the aluminum alloy; The current situation that the steel ring is deformed, twisted, broken, etc. cannot be repaired.